Health Care Cloud Computing

Many healthcare providers are hesitant to transition to cloud computing due to concerns over privacy and fear of losing sensitive information during the migration. As an existing healthcare cloud computing vendor, we understand the nuances of HIPAA privacy and data security in addition to the importance of uptime. As an experienced, financially sound, and highly reputable company, you can rely on us to smoothly transition your data and keep it secure.

Universal Networks, Inc. works with a wide range of clinical data applications to provide flexible and reliable maintenance of electronic medical records. We follow the highest industry standard for security procedures to give you peace of mind.

Cloud Features & Benefits

  • Reliable Connections
  • Saves Time and Energy. Upgrades are done for you automatically, so you will have much less hardware maintenance to worry about.
  • Expandable and Adaptable as Your Business Grows
  • Safe and Secure Remote Data Centers
  • Reliable and Experienced Technical Support
  • Affordable Alternatives

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